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Chiriqui Coastal Real Estate SA. is a full service, licensed, Panamanian real estate agency. Together with our legal and accounting advisors, we provide a complete range of real estate, property management and legal services, including:

  • Advising clients about all aspects of real estate in Panama.
  • Locating the best property for each client.
  • Negotiating purcahses and sales.
  • Drafting all necessary legal documents.
  • Performing all required due diligence.
  • Establishing corporations and foundations.
  • Obtaining visas and permanent residence permits.
  • Managing commercial properties for foreign investors.
  • Personal and corporate accounting services.

The staff and associates of Chiriqui Coastal include:

Allen Rosen (Owner)

Allen Rosen, Owner, Chiriqui Coastal Real Estate, Panama

Allen has been active in the real estate industry in Panama since 2006 and moved to Panama full-time in 2007.

Previously a lawyer in Toronto, Canada, Allen graduated from the University of Toronto Law School in 1993, and practiced civil litigation and real estate law in Canada prior to moving to Panama.

Before attending law school, Allen studied philosophy for many years, acquiring a B.A. (Hon.) from the University of Toronto (1984), and an M.A. and Ph.D in philosophy from Cornell University (1987, 1989). After completing his doctorate at Cornell, Allen taught philosophy at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and published a book, Kant's Theory of Justice (Cornell University Press, 1993), based upon his doctoral dissertation.

Allen also trained as a cabinet-maker in the 1970s and at various times has owned furniture manufacturing, importing, retailing and wholesaling businesses.

Together with his wife, Biljana, Allen looks after a dozen rescue dogs and two rescue cats.


Yolanda Cuevez (President)

Yolanda is a graduate of the the University de Santa Maria Antigua (Chiriqui) and has been a licensed real estate broker since 2003, prior to which she held various managerial positions with different businesses in Panama. Yolanda is fluent in English and Spanish.

Eric Durocher (Consultant)


Eric is originally from the province of Quebec in Canada, but lived in Costa Rica for anumber of years before moving to Panama. Erica and his wife Chantel, a noted Canadian painter,  live in Las Lajas beach, where they have adopted several rescue dogs. Prior to joining Chiriqui Coastal, Eric worked with Remax 1st Realty in David.


Marvin Morgan (Consultant)

Before moving to Panama in 2009, Marvin was involved for many years in the real estate and automotive industries in Florida. Prior to joining Chiriqui Coastal, Marvin worked with Remax 1st Realty in David, Chiriqui. Marvin and his wife Julie are devoted parents to several rescue dogs, one rescue cat and a Tucan.


Allan Lewis (consultant)

Allan Lewis is an American and former resident of California, who has lived in Panama for many years wife his wife Rachel and young daughter. A man of many careers, Allan is qualified as an Industrial Engineer and has worked in positions ranging from home inspector, to ship fitter, to electrician and high-end customer home builder. Allen brings a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of construction and real estate.

Gilberto Cardozo (Accountant)

Gilberto is a native of Bocas del Toro and graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Chiriqui with an accounting degree (2006). He speaks Spanish and English and is also a Certified Public Accountant. Gilberto handles all of our clients' accounting requirements.

Bill Victoria (Lawyer)

Bill is married with two young children. His wife, Velkis, is also a lawyer. Billl was born and raised in Chiriqui Province and acquired his law degree from the Technological University OTEIMA in David City. Specializing in real estate law, Bill is able to assist clients in Spanish and English.